About Rose and Kite

Maria Voisin

Rose and Kite Fitness Reel


Rose and Kite is a fitness program started by Maria Voisin. Maria is a NASM certified personal trainer, a Power Pilates 600 hr Full Comprehensive Certified Instructor, a Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer for over 15 years, and she is Stretch Therapy Certified and Red Cord Trained.  Read more about Maria on her Bio page.

Health is a lifelong commitment, love directed, and all encompassing. When you focus on your body’s health, your mind and spirit are lifted up, and your community benefits from your own self improvement. Health is individual, there are no two bodies that are identical. You need strong motivation and results in order to make lasting changes and habits. Keeping your physical activity fresh and creative keeps you involved, and accountability to your work out pals gets you to the gym, or class, or woods or whatever is on the docket that day.

As a client of Rose and Kite you have numerous work out options: Pilates, Strength training, trail running, Dance cardio classes, Circuit style work outs, Rock climbing, Paddleboarding, and many outdoor activities including hikes and waterfall swims. Be held accountable for your food choices and eating habits. Make new friends who can encourage you to make lasting change. Group activities are part of the Rose and Kite experience as we will invite all members to join in outdoors and healthy activities.

Health is a lifestyle, and a state of mind. Start living fully inside your body. Be alive and vibrant.