Rose and Kite is customized fitness for you.

One on one sessions are the foundation for creating the appropriate fitness plan for your body and lifestyle. Just one session per week makes you part of the Rose and Kite community. Once you are ready for group activities and a program has been designed for you, there are many options:

Trail Run ~ Rock Climb ~ Paddle Board ~ Hiking ~ Dance cardio class ~ Urban biking ~ Healthy dining gatherings

These are the activities I do throughout the week. Holistic, multidimensional and widely varied exercise choices stave off injury and build the most efficient, and healthy body. The caloric expenditure is just one variable to wellness. But we can all relate to the value added when you burn off your lunch. Your program may consist of one or many of the following:


What is a one on one class all about?

An assessment and initial consultation is important to understanding the biomechanics of your body and any health history or current conditions that would determine our best course of activity.

Proper alignment is our first priority. This may mean stretching certain tight muscles and strengthening those weaker muscles to balance the body before moving into more intense cardiovascular work outs and adding heavy loads on the joints. By using a mix of Pilates, Stretch, and light strength training we can prepare your body for higher the demands of athletics. Most people do not need simply one modality to get in shape such as flexibility or strength. The majority need the appropriate and individualized mix of many modalities to create our most mechanically sound, healthy and fit body.  It is also very important to pace yourself, and to allow active recovery time. And to Enjoy yourself! That is the key to sticking with it.

What is the Pricing?

The more you do at Rose and Kite, the less you pay per hour. My goal is to see you healthy, and time and budget will affect your rate of success. Part of the program plan I will design for you may involve working with other fitness professionals outside Rose and Kite. I have a great network of wellness practitioners if additional resources are required. It’s all about meeting your goals, and keeping you excited about moving!

Duets! are also a great option if you have a work out buddy, and you want to keep costs low. Check out package 4 below.

All scheduled sessions require 24 hours notice via email or text to be rescheduled. Canceling within 24 hours will result in loss of session.

Assessment/Initial Consultation –  $85

Package 1 – 4 Personal Training Sessions @$75 each (1 month expiration from date of first session, no refunds, non transferrable)

Package 2 – 12 Personal Training Sessions  @$65 each (3 month expiration from date of first session, no refunds, non transferrable)

Package 3 – 24 Personal Training Sessions @$60 each (3 month expiration from date of first session, no refunds, non transferrable)

Package 4 – DUETS! – 4 Partner Training Sessions @$45 each (5 week expiration from date of first session, no refunds, non transferrable. Note: if your partner cancels, your session is cancelled. You may use the time for a private session but this will be billed at $80/hour)

Once you have decided on your package and the date of your first session, you will receive and invoice with a link for payment options.

Call or email Maria to schedule a consultation, and first session.

Location: The Training Room ATL, 742 Ponce De Leon Place, Atlanta, GA 30306

Maria (828) 280 -7880

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