“When I first met Maria, she changed the way I thought about pilates.  She encouraged good technique, but balanced that ideal with getting me moving and enjoying my workout.  She tailored my workout to my specific needs each week, helping me become stronger, more stable, and more nimble. We kept at it every week until I was 36 weeks pregnant – Maria modifying each week to keep up with my expanding center.  After I had my baby, I struggled to reach my goals, and really feel good working out on my own.  It was coming back to our weekly workouts that catalyzed my body and mind into feeling lean and strong and stable again.  Maria is one of the most adaptable people I know, and I am so thankful to have her on my team, helping me be a strong, energetic and joyful mother.”

-Melissa Hankinson


“Maria is dedicated to understanding your individual needs and goals.  She brings a wide array of knowledge and experience to integrate different modalities in designing your individual program.   On top of all that she is fun and energetic — tireless really.  I have benefited greatly from working with Maria and highly recommend her.”

-Michael Mandl


“My husband and I have worked individually with Maria for two years. We have very different training needs. He was practically crippled following knee surgery and now walks cane free and pain free.

I am a tennis player who never enjoyed gym exercise. Since working with Maria I have gained balance, improved alignment and core strength that have greatly improved my game. Net and backhand have come a long way from the core training as well as the stretch.

Maria is the real thing. Her dance background lends a deep understanding of movement to her work. Her extensive training in anatomy is supported by her pilates experience as well as her ongoing studies and certifications. The books are always open.

She is innovative and creative in sessions but both her exercise and her stretch routines are firmly embedded in sound anatomical understanding. She plans every session in detail and is meticulous in teaching proper technique. Maria will simply not let you ‘do it wrong’.

Finally Maria’s love of exercise and deep commitment to health bring tremendous enthusiasm and joy into her workout sessions. One knows that this is not just good for you ( and it sure is) but this is fun!”

-Shelby Cloud


“Maria is a fitness guru! From professionally dancing and teaching, being a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer – she can choreograph a work out routine that will be specific to you, address your needs and concerns. Maria’s understanding of the human body’s anatomy and with her vast multi faceted experience – she is able to address the importance of the core’s stability and strength, and the body’s flexibility and mobility as well. She is a great motivator, sensitive to the needs of the client and overall an inspiring teacher. Her fitness class is always fun and creative!”

-Dorit Mordel


“If you would have told me a few months ago I would ever have a trainer, let alone that trainer be a woman, I would have never believed you.  I’ve been playing sports and lifting weights for 30 years and would never need someone to train or motivate me, even though my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist both have been recommending Pilates for my recently injured lower back problems.   Since physical therapy and going to the gym alone were not helping relieve my back pain,  I got a referral from a friend for Maria. She started training me in core strength and flexibility, which greatly reduced my pain.  I immediately appreciated Maria’s training style; she deliberately explained the reasons for each stretch and exercise so a layman could understand. No berating me to do one more rep like I’ve seen so many trainers do with others over the years, but a very personal experience and customized work out for my issues and goals.  I can’t imagine many personal trainers have the broad practical experience as well as the in-depth technical knowledge to explain in detail how everything works together and why we’re currently doing this weird exercise.  I also appreciate her ability to adjust and deviate from the plan she had for the day in the event I had too much to drink the night before or my back is having a particularly bad day.  When I started with Maria a few months ago I walked with a limp and was is in almost constant pain which physical therapy, massage therapy, and medication were only slightly alleviating.   Since then, Maria has been teaching me everything from simple flexibility stretches to much more advanced techniques, combining things like strength and balance training.   I would recommend anyone serious about wanting to improve their quality of life to consider her as an option for anything from strength training to customized rehabilitation.”

-Brett Sagenich